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Grafimedia IT experts correctly evaluate customer needs. Our team can recommend a total solution that fits best the budget of the private practice, diagnostic center, clinic or hospital.

Grafimedia team may recommend systems that have been developed in-house. Also may recommend top-quality products from well known third-party manufacturers, from all over the world. Careful scrutiny of financial and technical data, coupled with comprehensive analysis of your needs, allows our IT experts to propose the solution with the most favorable cost to value ratio.

“The right information that reaches the physician

easily and at the right time may save lives”

Grafimedia develops, installs and supports digital medical information systems. Clinical information may be available as text, voice, image or video. Clinical images that are generated by medical equipment, such as an ultrasound scanner, CT, MRI, colposcope, endoscope or microscope are transferred into a computer, where they are integrated with other relevant information into an electronic patient file.

This multimedia file may then be made available, via a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN) to any point that is needed. When there is no capability of transferring digital information via a network, it can be recorded onto a CD-ROM or DVD and then physically delivered to where it is needed. Although Grafimedia is focused on the digital clinical information should there be a need for a hard copy printout, perhaps for documentation purposes, we provide the solution for printing on plain A4 paper.


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Grafimedia Offices

Athens Grafimedia Office
Vasiliou Voulgaroktonou 53
Athina 114 73
Tel: +30 2103819939, +30 2103819350

Barcelona Grafimedia Office
Barberá, 34. Entlo. 3a
08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès
Barcelona  Spain
Tel: +34 61 746 2282

Lugano Grafimedia Office
Via Vanoni 2
CH-6900 Lugano
Tel: +41919249313

Milano Grafimedia Office
Via Mantova 36
20099 Sesto San Giovanni
Milano  Italy
Tel: +3407801584

Thessaloniki Grafimedia Office
Tsimiski 99
546 22 Thessaloniki
Tel: +30 6974888708

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